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Valley Parkinson Clinic is a medical clinic focusing on the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and related movement disorders. While most of these movement disorders are “neurodegenerative” in nature and considered “incurable” at present, in many cases, particularly in Parkinson’s Disease, a patient’s daily living activities can be well maintained for many years with proper management. Our goal at Valley Parkinson Clinic is to help our patients find the best therapies to improve their qualities of life and prolong independent living.

VPC offers advanced pharmacotherapy for Parkinson’s disease. Individual variability is a key feature in PD clinical manifestation. There is therefore no “gold standard” or fixed regimen for PD management. At VPC, each PD case is carefully studied. A specific therapeutic regimen is designed and systemically evaluated. Frequent follow-ups are offered to fine tune the treatment regimen and to monitor treatment side effects and complications. Our emphasis is not just to provide the optimal symptomatic relief now, but also to help our patients put this progressive disease in perspective and to plan for future therapy and intervention.

In recent years, Deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy has been a major breakthrough in advanced PD management, providing a “magical cure” in some cases. However, not every PD patient is the right candidate for DBS therapy. Here at VPC, we provide detailed pre-surgical DBS therapy evaluation and if the patient is deemed an eligible candidate for the therapy, we will refer our patients to Stanford or UCSF for the procedure. We provide advanced DBS programming and medication adjustment after DBS surgery.

Another area of new advancement in movement disorder treatments is chemodenervation therapy. Conventionally called “medical botox”, chemodenervation provides significant relief for muscle spasm from dystonia commonly seen in movement disorders, and spasticity resulting from other central nervous system disorders such as stroke or multiple sclerosis. Chemodenervation also provides marked relief in hypersialorrhea or drooling, frequently seen in PD or related Parkinsonism-plus syndromes.  Chemodenervation therapy is also highly effective in reducing pain in chronic migraine headache refractory to other medical treatments.

Patient education and empowerment is a key element in successful management of a neurological disease as complicated as PD. From the patient’s first visit to VPC, we strive to help patients and caretakers to understand the disease better. As the treatments progress, we encourage patients to actively participate in decision making in drug regimen changes and various treatment options. We provide advice and referral in: physical therapy and speech therapy, patient consideration of DBS therapy, advanced care planning such as home care/home health arrangement, and end of life decision making.

We thank you for visiting our clinic. We hope we will have an opportunity to help you and to work with you in your quest to fight Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders.

We are located at 800 Pollard Road, Suite C30, Los Gatos, CA 95032.

To make an appointment, please call (408) 376-0316. You can also download our New Patient Packet for your convenience.

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